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05 Oct What Raw Chocolate Really Is?

First things first, raw chocolate is made directly out of raw cacao beans. The beans might be fully fermented, lightly fermented or unfermented. Then the rest is built on how you process the beans, how you grind, how you conch, and how you melt for final tempering. At every stage from fermenting to drying, from conching (grinding) to melting and tempering, cacao beans are subject to a certain amount of heat and the very amount of this heat is the heart of “raw chocolate” theory. Although there is no absolute agreement about it, there are various temperatures accepted as the threshold of...

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05 Oct What is Dutch Processing?

Dutch processing is a method that alkalize cacao beans with potassium or sodium carbonate –and that is one of the main reasons behind of the flat and slightly salty taste in processed cacao powder, as well as the chocolate made with these ingredients which is lowered to the level of candy. Dutch processing was developed in at 1828 by a Dutch chemist named Coenraad Van Houten and paved the way to mass produced chocolate. Mr. Van Houten is also responsible for another milestone processing method, which is the separation of the cacao bean into cacao butter and cacao powder (in...

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