Artisan Chocolates in Vancouver - Koko Monk Chocolates
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Artisan Chocolates in Vancouver – Koko Monk Chocolates

Artisan chocolates, macarons and raw, organic, vegan, bean-to-bar chocolates. Named one of the world’s greatest hot chocolates (BuzzFeed). Vancouver, BC.

Since its opening in 2013, Koko Monk Chocolates has become one of the internationally known and recognized chocolate makers in Canada as well as in the world. It is listed as among the top 20 chocolate companies of the world with its signature Harem A La Turca hot chocolate drink, and takes place in various well known media channels from CNN to local and national TVs, newspapers and magazines, both online and in print.

Koko Monk is well known with its one of a kind, complex and sophisticated flavor fusions. The company uses organic and health based ingredients without damaging and reducing their essence as one of the most important signifiers of their identity.

This purist approach is especially dominant with Koko Monk chocolate bars, made out of raw origin beans with no additives other than natural sweeteners such as Monk fruit, date, coconut sugar or maple sugar. Loaded with immense amounts of undamaged, unadulterated antioxidants and minerals, Koko Monk Chocolate bars are proudly taking place in the health food category rather than partaking in candy groups.

As a natural end result of their meticulous approach to cooking both their bonbons and pure chocolate bars, Koko Monk offers an extremely unusual, original and surprising range of flavors, textures and feelings that will be the source of unforgettable experiences. A box of our bonbons will perform like a wandering circus in the middle of your mouth, while a raw bar would be transferring you on a hunting trip for exotic flavors in the dense jungle of your taste buds.

The heirloom, untamed elements of extra virgin cacao will lead you to unknown territories of organic, whole foods of ancient worlds.


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Koko Monk is always interested with people who are into healthy diet and mindful life.


Take a break. Allow yourself to indulge with Koko Monk’s delicious creation and healing recipes.