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Cacao Products & Brews

Cacao Brew, Hot Chocolates

( Enjoy these selections in our store )

2018 Hot Chocolate Festival Specials

( Enjoy these selections in our store )


Miso White Hot Chocolate with Matcha Tea and Sake 

Built on one of our favorite author/director Akira Kurosawa’s legendary work “Rashomon”  this hot chocolate will play with your perception and many memories in your flavour archive.  Most interesting aspect of this drink will manifest itself if you are drinking it together with a company. Every one of you who sip it will tell you their own totally different story of this exclusive and unique drink.  If you dare, it is a liquid invitation for you to experience the relationship between perception and reality!

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Lyric & Dagger

Black Sesame White Hot Chocolate with Lemon and Lime Caramel (Can be served with almond or soy milk)

The story of this hot-chocolate takes place in a golden dessert of old, old days…

Please be ready, black sesame in this velvety concoction will be mounting on your most virgin taste buds like an albino sun. And you will feel that the flavor is opening like a forgotten door with a sandy cry in the dark cave of your mouth. Then the dance of the lemon and lime caramel with silent sesame will start. You will not be the first one who hears the whisper of Morgiana telling the story of Ali Baba and Forty Thieves but you will be absolutely the first one who experienced the taste of the very same secret words “Open sesame, open” in your mouth.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Istanbul Blues

Dark Hot Chocolate with Ottoman “Salep” root and cinnamon

Imagine your flavour experience as a vocabulary; well… this flavour is not exist in your vocabulary.

Istanbul Blues with its extremely flavourful root and spice mixture will make you reconnect with your roots; will make you feel more grounded than ever. It will create its own palace in your heart, like a cozy, dreamy winter morning in Istanbul.


Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Authentic Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is the one, made us well known in Vancouver with its unique flavour and low sugar/low calorie blend; made with 72% Venezuelan Trinitario, top of the world pure cacaos, herbs and spices with a dash of orange zest, aged all together this authentic brew will satisfy you completely. Once enetered in your system your body will absolutely drag you back here to Koko Monk.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Harem A La Turca

Dark Hot Chocolate with Ottoman “Salep” root and cinnamon

Listed as Among top 27 hot chocolate in the world

A drink for gods and goddesses, exotic and misty turkish coffee with 72% pure, organic dark chocolate, flavoured with a dash of Courvoisier Cognac (optional). This remarkable and adventurous drink will prove her sense of aesthetic with her salted caramel strikes, like curved roads to a distant chateau, on top of its whipped cream peak. Surely, it will take you from the mundane realm of the day and throw you between humps of a dreamy camel in an unknown flavour mirage of ancient worlds…it will stir the heavy sediments of your worn out heart and shine it like a 24 carat gold watch while it re-tunes you with the universe.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Brunette Bangle

Curry Hot Chocolate with Coconut

Spicy promise of 1001 Nights… Chase, be found, get seduced! Loose yourself in the rhythm of a mysterious dusk: Curry hot chocolate. You will clearly hear the stamping bangles of an exotic dance on your taste buds.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Red Cadillac

Salted Almond Hot Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn

This VEGAN hot chocolate is inspired from one of Paul Dincer’s most favorite childhood pastries made with almond flour.

When you sip it, the drink will transport you to Rumi’s little southern towns with dusty, hot and sweaty roads. There will be very distinct, almost tangible fabric of contrasting flavors which lingers between sweet and salty combination of the ingredients. For certain, it will be an unexpected ride. So be patient and mindful. The subtle but deep touch of pink peppercorn will place your taste buds on shotgun at this crimson red Cadillac. Put your seat belts on and enjoy with the ride.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Sin & Salvation

Organic Lavender Hot Chocolate with Fig and Chamomile

(Can be served with almond or coconut milk)

Here it is another sunny drink… Don’t you think we need it more…? The blue voice of Lavender will tell you the stories of past summers, naked before the sun… And the fig, like a single tear drop of a blonde angel will explain us all, why we are here…Whether to kiss someone or to be burned is bless…. Snow white chamomiles most innocent and young and silent, lit by the moon to show us the way…

Sip it slowly my dear friend… Sip it while you can still feel them all…

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Cosmic Rose

Vegan Coconut Milk – Dark Hot Chocolate with Salted Rose Caramel and Cardamom

In Memory of Leonard Cohen

Oh Roses… Daring of all! I will call you as notary of love… Love warms… Attraction is a hot matter… As long as the interaction is between two beings heat heals! Only when it is directed to self the danger starts! Self-love without any outer, corresponding manifestation is the gate to the fire of hell; to the loneliness of ice burnt heart… Here it is vegan, Coconut Milk hot chocolate for you as a short cut to heaven with Salted Rose Caramel!

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Talking Dirty with Sun God

Black Olive Dark Hot Chocolate with Lime and Chili

(Vegan Option is available with Almond Milk)

To sum up, the warmth of Mediterranean sea and sky, in the misty skin of young and growing olives and their sun soaked branches is a priceless experience to offer to Vancouverites…  You will learn how chocolate makes breathing slow, when the body is soaked with love… You will feel as if someone sprinkled sun all over your lips and heart… You will understand why no one can tell which one of us is in love; the mist covers us all.

And the mist…is love.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Cold Testament

Pineapple and Ginger Dark Hot Chocolate with a Dash of Apple Cider Vinegar…

(Vegan Option is available with Almond Milk)

First of all this is not an experimented drink as it is the case for all our other hot chocolate designs. It is more like a thematic art work in which the whole idea is built on Nina Simone’s legacy as an artist. Just like her bold, brilliant and seemingly contradictory imagination, this drink also will make you experience emotions which normally reside opposite end of your emotional spectrum. And it will leave you with a chuckle on your quivering lips with satisfaction.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

A Non-conformist’s Plea for an Imaginary Summer

Tomato and Raspberry White Hot Chocolate with Rose

This coconut milk based hot chocolate is one of the most fun drinks I have ever de-signed actually. The lightness and crystal clear passages between the elements of the drink creates almost a cheerful, blissful laughter effect on your senses. For sure you will be a brighter and happier being when you reach to your last sip. Please drink it responsibly :)) !

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Strange Gravity

Oregano and Melon Dark Hot Chocolate
with Dash of Anise

(Vegan Option is available with Almond Milk)

In my mind this drink gradually appeared and completed itself piece by piece with strange visions from imaginary meadows to unknown creeks… Before I made the first batch there it was some kind of liquid haiku ready to gain flesh and blood in my empty pitcher… What you are going to taste is exact copy of that first batch I have created for myself. To pair this drink with our signature Blue Cheese Chocolate was a daring idea but it was not me the drink itself called for it, just to make me feel ashamed of my imagination :))

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver


Limited with last weeks of the Hot Chocolate Festival. After that, served every Saturday throughout whole year.

Please note that minimum 2 people order required for the flights!

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Cacao Brews

( Make Your Own )

Click here for instructions on “How to Make Koko Monk Hot Chocolate at Home

Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix

Witty, sophisticated, outrageously healthy… This is an authentic, real deal hot chocolate not one of those café shop chemicals… You don’t use this mix with table spoons it is intense,you gp for tea spoons. With its unique chocolate flavour and low sugar/low calorie structure this organic blend made with 72% Venezuelan Trinitario, top of the world pure cacaos, herbs and spices and a dash of orange zest, aged all together this authentic brew will satisfy you completely. Once entered in your system your body will absolutely drag you back here to Koko Monk.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Cacao Teas

Have you ever experienced how a “cacao cleanse” feels…

One of the greatest and least known sources for Vitamin D and high amount antioxidants, our cacao teas made out of heirloom origin cacao husks and nibs. Just fill half of a brewing sphere and let it sit in hot water at least 2 minutes before you start to sip. Keep the brewing ball in your cup all the way for maximum extraction of its intoxicating flavors. What will going to happen is this: you will start with nutty tones of heirloom husks, and then gradually pass into deeper level, earthy flavors of the extraction because the hot water starts to penetrate the walls of the molecules… While you were adapting yourself to this changing landscape, slowly you will find yourself in a fruit orchard in which tons of hidden flavors gushing out of broken walls of the molecules of pure cacao. Beside this unforgettable sensation for sure it will be most extraordinary, healing tea experience you have ever had.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Plain Cacao Tea 100gr Pouch, $ 8.49

Cacao Tea with Orange Pekoe 100gr Pouch, $ 8.49

Cacao Tea with Mint 100gr Pouch, $ 8.49

Note that all our cacao brews made out of heirloom, organic and raw cacao husks and nibs which we receive from different origins across Central and South America.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Raw Beans

All our beans are carefully selected from fine flavored heirloom plantations across Central and South America s for their pure, unadulterated origin qualities. Raw beans are well known for their wide range of medicinal properties and unique flavor profiles. Quite different than mass production beans they are edible as they are and source of notorious amount of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants. Also their energy boosting effects makes raw beans as ideal snack for hikers, campers, climbers and runners alike… beside they are delicious they are also outrageously healthy for you. (For details please refer to “Health Benefits of Raw Chocolate” page)

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

Organic, Raw, Origin, Ground Cacao Beans

Our ground beans are carefully selected from heirloom organic beans which grown either in jungle or organic heirloom cacao plantations across Central and South America. Please note that the origins of our ground beans are subject to constant changes. We create new batch of ground beans every two to three weeks.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver