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Health Benefits of Raw Chocolate

We all heard how dark chocolate is a healthier choice than milk chocolate and that the cacao in dark chocolate posses many benefits for us from cardiovascular health to stamina…

What we don’t hear though is that almost 98% of contemporary dark chocolates in the market from extreme high end brands to grocery shop brands are all highly processed that they lost most of their nutrients and antioxidants as a result of dutch processing, roasting and adding industrial sugars, fats and soy based additives in them. In reality none of these dark chocolate products actually provides you with anything but excess amount of sugar and additives.

The authentic, raw version of chocolate is nothing to do with its candy version counterparts which are well known for the artery-clogging and fat generating effects on our bodies. Here are the lists of the most important facts about raw chocolate and its incredible health benefits. In regards to learn how to incorporate this superfood into your diet and see creative, delicious and healthy recipes please feel free to check our blog posts.

What is Raw Chocolate?

In its origin at Mesoic America cacao is used as medicinal and ceremonial food for hundreds of years. Raw chocolate in this context refers to unadulterated, unprocessed form of cacao beans as source of a chocolate product. The chocolate made out of these untreated beans are dramatically different in their chemical and nutrient content than their processed versions. While the processed chocolates have almost nothing in them for health, the raw version is a widely recognised super food with its extremely rich antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. Raw, unprocessed chocolate is one of the richest sources for iron, zinc and magnesium. Consuming regularly will improve the amount of collagens and elastens in your skin beside the improvement of overall metabolism and well being. To receive the greatest benefits from cacao, look for chocolates made with ‘raw’, non-roasted, untreated cacao beans.

A Short List of Health Benefits of Raw Chocolate:

  1. Minimise chronic or acute inflammation with anti inflammatory properties of polyphenols
  2. Operates as a natural Anti-Depressant with a mood balancing chemical compound called Anandamine
  3. Enhance the condition of your cardio vascular system with Theobromin
  4. Increase the elasticity of your blood vessels, minimize the high blood pressure risk
  5. Detoxify the metabolism from harmful toxins
  6. Rich protein and mineral content of pure cacao switch satiety hormone to help weight loss
  7. Increase UV resistance, collagen and elastin formation  in your skin
  8. Drastically slows oxidation and the aging process of cells
  9. Triggers  the release of Endorphins  to enhance the sexual drive
  10.  Enhance the functional capacity of the brain, minimize stress with Serotonin
  11. Helps and improves digestion with Magnesium
  12. Helps  immune function and  blood sugar control