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Health Benefits of Raw Chocolate

Beyond Candy

Koko Monk uses heirloom, single origin cacao beans for its chocolate creations without processing or roasting. We use only natural sweetners such as sundried organic date sugar, zero glycemic monk fruit sugar, stevia, coconut sugar, maple and honey.

Many of us have heard how dark chocolate is a healthier choice than milk chocolate and that the cacao in dark chocolate presents many benefits for us from cardiovascular health to stamina.

What is not so well-known is that widely used modern chocolate processing methods significantly diminish the robust benefits of cacao as a super food. A common method such as alkalizing cacao through dutch processing, almost doubles the bean’s natural living pH level to create a standardized flavour. This however, stagnates the natural properties of the cacao, neutralizing its beneficial health effects.

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While this may be true, what we don’t hear is that almost 98% of contemporary dark chocolates in the market from extreme high end brands to grocery shop brands are all highly processed. When processed using methods such as dutch processing, roasting and adding industrial sugars, fats and soy based additives, the natural cacao looses most of its natural nutrients and antioxidants.

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