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Isn’t it a marvellous timing while we are counting down for Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival… Check the 9 fantastic hot chocolates around the globe listed by Travel zoo and be happy with us because once again Koko Monk Chocolates is one of them;))

THERE IT IS, TOP 10 VELVETY HOT CHOCOLATES AROUND THE WORLD: BY BITEMEMORE.COM and proudly Vancouver’s Koko Monk Chocolates is one of them once again:))…. Thank you Bite Me More for the mention.

These passionate chocolatiers are known for their inventive and bold chocolate flavours, and this is true for their hot chocolate as well. Koko Monk makes a decadent 72% pure cacao “classic” hot chocolate with hints of orange and spice, as well as their signature “Harem A La Turca” which is a turkish coffee with 72% pure, organic dark chocolate, flavoured with a dash of Courvoisier Cognac (if you so desire) and hints of salted caramel. Koko Monk also offers a range of special flavours, with intriguing ingredients (and names to match).

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival 2016: a review – “Istanbul Blues”: Where have you been all my life, Koko Monk? I remember discovering the awesomeness of Koko Monk at last year’s HC festival (after having the standard flavour that my sister reviewed above) and promised myself to go back, frequently.

The Ranks of 5 Hot Chocolates in the Hot Chocolate Fest: In my own journey of trying 5 hot chocolates in this years Hot Chocolate Festival these are the ones that I chose and tried with my ranking of my favourite to the not as good as the others.

5 wildest flavours at the 2016 vancouver hot chocolate festival.

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