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God as Food

18 Dec God as Food

Cacao for Mayans were representing knowledge and connection with origin of existence… How many of us considering food as a source which transports knowledge from earth to our body and mind… Food is the re-arrangeable information that our body dissect and restructure either as heaven or hell… I strongly believe that the Latin transformation of cacao to Theobroma (Food of God) is a result of misinterpretation of the original Mayan and Aztec concept of “God as Food”… Whole sacrifice ceremonies in ancient Mesoamerica are built on this perception. Cacao is depicted clearly as blood of the gods in certain key artefacts of these lost cultures. Therefore, as we know from the leftover evidences that blending virgin human blood with cacao in their ceremonies put ancient Mesoamericans in direct connection with the creator according to their unique cosmology. In other words through drinking this sacred concoction they were integrating their body with gods’ to change the conditions of their society. 

Don’t you think it is incredibly holistic and original way of perceiving the world and existence!…

Let me know what do you think