Raw Chocolate Tasting and Decoding Class
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Raw Chocolate Tasting and Decoding Class

Koko Monk Chocolates is the first shop in Vancouver that creates raw chocolate directly from fine flavor organic, heirloom cacao beans.

Join Paul Dincer, Koko Monk Chocolates’ founder and chocolatier, for a rare and intelligent food adventure. On your raw chocolate tasting journey, you’ll explore chocolate’s exciting history and transformation while sampling a wide range of cacao beans and single origin, stone-ground, bean-to-bar chocolate. (Be advised, this class is not for people who want a candy tasting event.) You will taste vegan, organic, sugar-free, and gluten-free chocolate varieties and discover the world of natural sweeteners–helping you make healthier food choices every day. Paul will lead you like a chocolate sommelier, highlighting terroirs and tasting notes so you can master your appreciation of what real chocolate was in its origin and how it differs from today’s candy-style chocolate.


  • Teachings on and tastings of cacao beans, sweeteners and raw chocolate
  • A world-class hot chocolate beverage to enjoy during the event
  • Informative handouts and an exclusive take-home recipe
  • A variety of delicious chocolate praline samples at the end of class
  • A raw, organic, vegan, stone-ground chocolate bar


$45 ($95 value)
for a tasting and class package for 2 people

$30 ($50 value)
for a tasting and decoding class package for 1 person


Koko Monk Chocolates is Vancouver’s most contemporary artisan chocolate shop well-known for their stone-ground, raw chocolate and unique praline chocolates. Paul Dincer, founder and chocolatier, has both contributed to UBC advanced cacao studies and taught hundreds of people including nutrionists, chocolate aficionados and health practitioners. With a 5-Star rating on Yelp, Urbanspoon and Facebook, it is no surprise Koko Monk Chocolates was a 2014 New Business of the Year finalist in the West Side Business Awards and recently named one of the greatest places in the world for hot chocolate by BuzzFeed.


For more information or to register, call 604.708.3366 or visit the shop.

P.S. Classes are usually open for individual registrations between February 01 to June 01 season only. Out of season registrations are exclusively open for group of minimum 6 or more people. If you want us perform a private tasting event at your party or own venue, please contact us for the details.