Artisan Chocolate Highlight of the Week
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Coffee and Cream…


When I talk about coffee and cream -especially Irish cream there is no other option but having a kind of time travel towards my own paleo (/lithic) age.

This chocolate is like a Film Noir show in the middle of your mouth… Dark, mysterious and fatal… You will be surprised when you realize who is the killer… You will set shorter sentences and longer connections with this minimalist beauty… Relax and let the cream kick the day to start with coffee…

Behind of the idea of this chocolate was a childhood memory of coffee and cream flavored cigars that one of our neighbors use to smoke. The enigmatic scent of the cigar was so enticing that every single time I was paralyzed with a sense of hopelessness that I can’t eat the cigar to experience what my nose is promising to me. And oh yes, I tried to eat them of course! It was such a disappointment that the company didn’t developed an edible version of this marvel.

I still remember the elegant metal box with a coffee  cup image on it, when you open it, there they were wrapped between translucent sheets of wax paper laying down as the source of this heavenly smell. Imagine the pastry version of this, edible cigars soaked with these flavours in exact same box with exact same shape. All you have to do is get one and lost yourself while the flavour dissolves on your tongue.


I strongly believe that the country of a chef is his/her childhood… There is nothing more worth while than exploring the lost paradise of the flavours of the past. When you are getting in touch with past time in gustatory way it is inevitable to find yourself on the threshold of your own identity. While you re-structure these long lost flavors you realized that you are actually having a journey towards your true identity, towards the roots of your existence on earth.

Well at least this is how I felt, re-connected with my core, with my essence as a living creature, naked and beyond of all later developed layers of my identity. It is like entering in your own cave age… Totally paleo…