2018 Hot Chocolate Festival - Koko Monk Chocolates
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2018 Hot Chocolate Festival



Tuesday to Friday12 am to 8 pm
Saturday 11 am to 7 pm
Sunday 11 am to 5:30 pm

WEEK 1: Cold Testament

Pineapple and Ginger Dark Hot Chocolate with a Dash of Apple Cider Vinegar…

(Vegan Option is available with Almond Milk)

First of all this is not an experimented drink as it is the case for all our other hot chocolate designs. It is more like a thematic art work in which the whole idea is built on Nina Simone’s legacy as an artist. Just like her bold, brilliant and seemingly contradictory imagination, this drink also will make you experience emotions which normally reside opposite end of your emotional spectrum. And it will leave you with a chuckle on your quivering lips with satisfaction.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

WEEK 2: A Non-conformist’s Plea for an Imaginary Summer

Tomato and Raspberry White Hot Chocolate with Rose

This coconut milk based hot chocolate is one of the most fun drinks I have ever de-signed actually. The lightness and crystal clear passages between the elements of the drink creates almost a cheerful, blissful laughter effect on your senses. For sure you will be a brighter and happier being when you reach to your last sip. Please drink it responsibly :)) !

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

WEEK 3: Strange Gravity

Oregano and Melon Dark Hot Chocolate
with Dash of Anise

(Vegan Option is available with Almond Milk)

In my mind this drink gradually appeared and completed itself piece by piece with strange visions from imaginary meadows to unknown creeks… Before I made the first batch there it was some kind of liquid haiku ready to gain flesh and blood in my empty pitcher… What you are going to taste is exact copy of that first batch I have created for myself. To pair this drink with our signature Blue Cheese Chocolate was a daring idea but it was not me the drink itself called for it, just to make me feel ashamed of my imagination :))

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver

WEEK 4: Red Cadillac

Salted Almond Hot Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn

This VEGAN hot chocolate is inspired from one of Paul Dincer’s most favorite childhood pastries made with almond flour.

When you sip it, the drink will transport you to Rumi’s little southern towns with dusty, hot and sweaty roads. There will be very distinct, almost tangible fabric of contrasting flavors which lingers between sweet and salty combination of the ingredients. For certain, it will be an unexpected ride. So be patient and mindful. The subtle but deep touch of pink peppercorn will place your taste buds on shotgun at this crimson red Cadillac. Put your seat belts on and enjoy with the ride.

Vegan Chocolates Vancouver